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  • Trailer – Missions in space-time

    Trailer – Missions in space-time

    The young physicists in our films are grappling with big questions that challenge our understanding of the world. They want to find the mysterious ‘dark matter’ that makes up 23% of our universe, to understand why atoms behave differently at the quantum scale, and one young researcher wants to abolish our concepts of space and time. So how will the Laureates they meet respond? This trailer introduces the Laureates, students and themes of the films that follow.

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  • Strings and particles, with Gerard ‘tHooft

    Gerardus ‘t Hooft’s Nobel Prize was for ‘elucidating the quantum structures of electro-weak interactions’. In this film he meets cosmologist, Benoit Famaey, and theorists Vincenzo Calo and Kristen Koopmans. He tells them that the world of science is littered with wrong ideas, but as young scientists they must not be frightened to publish theirs wherever they may lead.

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  • Dark matter, dark energy, with George Smoot

    Smoot’s Nobel Prize was awarded for his analysis of that whisper from the Big Bang, the cosmic microwave background radiation. Today he hopes CERN’s data will again transform our understanding of the universe. Young scientists Bilge Demirkoz and Benjamin Joachimi question him about how Dark Matter and Dark Energy fit into this picture.

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  • The quantum lattice, with Bill Phillips

    The quantum lattice, with Bill Phillips

    Awarded a Nobel Prize for using lasers to control and cool atoms, producing the Bose-Einstein condensation, Bill Phillips is eager to hear about new theories from young scientists like Hannah Venzl. An exciting dialogue develops between them on a boat trip on Lake Constance as they dream up new collaborative experiments in the quantum world.

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  • Fibre and sunlight, with John Hall

    Fine tuning the frequencies of light gave John Hall a Nobel Prize, and helped transform the fields of precision measurement and information transmission. Iris Choi and Andrei Ghicov are young scientists excited by the ways physics can change our world. Hall, now in his seventh decade, inspires them with his own excited enthusiasm for practical science.

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  • Abolishing time, with David Gross

    David Gross’s Nobel Prize was for work on the ‘strong’ force which acts between quarks inside the atom. Now he works on string theory, hoping to understand how all the forces of nature could be united. He believes the next steps may involve throwing out all our ideas about both space and time. But he makes young theoretician Itzhak Fouxon, who shares these views, work hard to justify them.

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