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Our ‘team’ are freelancers who, from time to time, enjoy working with

  • Martin Freeth

    Martin Freeth Producer/Director/Company Founder

    There is all too much more about me on this web site, under the heading ‘Martin’.  All I want to say here is that working with this group of freelancers and others provides a more enjoyable and creative experience than working with any other group or organisation has done during my long and varied career to date.

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  • Michael O’Halloran

    Michael O’Halloran Cameraman

    Michael is a lighting cameraman. He says “with extensive background in television documentary, music video and commercials, I bring my experience, and love of an arresting image to everything I do”. As well as being an experienced director of photography, Michael is also an independent film maker in his own right and his company Flutterby Films produces video for arts organisations, charities, universities and business.

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  • Nick Currey

    Nick Currey Film Editor/Animator

    Nick is‘s senior editor and works on most of our  films. In addition to these duties he works with a variety of artists and film makers on very diverse projects. His second feature film Dummy Jim, made with Matt Hulse, was released in 2014.

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  • Lilley Mitchell

    Lilley Mitchell Presenter/Director/Researcher

    Lilley Mitchell as presenter from Martin Freeth on Vimeo. Lilley can pretty much take your film project from initial idea through to rough edit, via research, direction and camera operation. After studying a broad science undergraduate degree at Cambridge University, followed by a Masters in Science Communication at Imperial College London, Lilley enjoys churning her grey matter over the exciting new science research that projects offer. Independently, she has made films for the Biochemical Society, The Ludic Group and Queen […]

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  • Azi Khatiri

    Azi Khatiri Assistant Producer/Camera

      Azi is our resident doctor, but reminds us that her PhD in Nanotechnology has given her no experience in saving lives! What she does have is a good grasp of the scientific research process, and an astute mind for learning new skills. She has worked in Science and Arts media production since 2006, and has filmed, edited, produced and presented content for broadcast and online. Apart from, she also works with BBC World Service, BBC Persian TV, charitable […]

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  • Averil Freeth

    Averil Freeth Production Management

    Averil is’s production organiser and manager. She has considerable experience as a practitioner and consultant in organisational development and management. She is an experienced teacher of English to speakers of other languages, including asylum seekers and refugees. She also acts as a mentor to people without academic backgrounds who are undertaking post-graduate work.

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  • Sam Woolf

    Sam Woolf Editor/Programmer

    Sam Woolf is a freelance video editor and interactive media producer with many years production experience in film, new media and exhibition development. He started his career working in the Visual Effects industry on feature films including Harry Potter, V for Vendetta, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He then went on to work for Windfall Digital as a cross-platform producer where he worked on a large number of science documentary films, websites and interactive exhibits. With a doctorate from […]

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  • Simon Ruben

    Simon Ruben Film Editor

    Simon comes from a strong narrative tradition with a master’s degree in Mythology. With a range of offline editing experience across various formats and genres, Simon can apply knowledge and experience to any type of production. Recent credits as film editor include broadcast documentary on BBC4 and ARTE and broadcast commercials for Rolex and South Africa Tourism. Simon has been providing regular training at the Frontline club for the last 5 years as well as bespoke training for the, […]

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