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Recently we have been lucky enough to make several films for the charitable and voluntary sector… and arts is becoming a new arena for us too.

  • Lindau 2015

    Lindau 2015

    Back again at the 2015 Nobel laureates meeting in Lindau, this time, while Nature made several animated films about laureates’ ideas, made three documentaries focusing on young scientists – and we supervised an animated film about orphan crops for Mars Inc.

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  • Lindau 2014

    Lindau 2014

    This year we branched out by recruiting Lorna Stewart, psychologist and medical journalist, to present four films about health related research: A Picture of Health.

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  • Lindau 2013

    Lindau 2013

    This year, based on last year’s format featuring vigorous debates between Nobel Laureates, mediated by young scientists, our journey to Lindau for Nature explores debates in chemistry and energy. View Films

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  • Lindau 2012: confronting the universe

    Lindau 2012: confronting the universe

    Nature Video presents five debates from the 2012 Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau At the 2012 meeting, physics was on the agenda again. The hottest topic was particle physics because mid-way through the meeting, scientists at CERN announced the discovery of the Higgs particle. The following morning, we filmed George Smoot and Martinus Veltman as they digested the news with three young researchers. Veltman, who helped to shape the standard model of particle physics, was surprising cynical about the discovery. […]

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  • Lindau 2011: Strands of life

    Lindau 2011: Strands of life

    Nature Video presents 5 short films on physiology and medicine Scientists from over 70 countries gathered at the 2011 Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau to discuss the world’s greatest health challenges and how to tackle them. The young researchers we follow in these films are working on malaria, cancer, viruses and more. They are also learning how to be scientists; how to write grant applications, how to collaborate with other research groups, and how to find the right career […]

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  • Lindau 2010: a meeting of minds

    Lindau 2010: a meeting of minds

    Nature Video presents five short films from the 2010 Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau The 2010 cross-disciplinary meeting welcomed the largest ever number of Laureates, 59 in total, as well as 650 top students from around the world. This gathering of chemists, biologists, physicists and engineers provoked new ideas and lively discussions — and we captured some of them on camera. Brace yourself as we contemplate the origin of life on earth, imagine microsurgeons traveling in our bloodstream, meet a […]

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  • Lindau 2009

    Lindau 2009

    Every summer an extraordinary meeting between Nobel Laureates and young scientists takes place on Lindau Island in Germany. In 2009 it was the turn of the chemists and Nature was there to capture moments of this unique meeting of minds on film. This trailer introduces the Lindau Meetings and offers a taster of the films that follow: five short films on chemistry plus a special film feature on climate change

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  • Lindau 2008 Missions in Space-Time

    Lindau 2008 Missions in Space-Time

    Lindau 2008 text

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