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  • Averil’s garden

    Averil’s garden

    Sadly Averil Freeth died in September 2019. This short film was made by Martin during lockdown to celebrate Averil’s garden

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  • Trailer, Nobel Reactions

    Trailer, Nobel Reactions

    Every summer an extraordinary meeting between Nobel Laureates and young scientists takes place on Lindau Island in Germany. In 2009 it was the turn of the chemists and we were there to capture moments of this unique meeting of minds on film. Nature Video presents five short films on chemistry plus a special film feature on climate change.

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  • Nanotechnology: use and misuse, with Harry Kroto

    Sir Harry Kroto won the Nobel Prize for discovering the soccer-ball-shaped fullerenes, strangely-structured carbon molecules also known as buckyballs. These molecules led to the development of carbon nanotubes and the burgeoning field of nanoscience. But young chemists Stephanie Benight and Maher El-Kady want to know how we can use buckyballs in the future, and whether we should be worried by some aspects of these new nano-scale technologies.

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  • Abolishing time, with David Gross

    David Gross’s Nobel Prize was for work on the ‘strong’ force which acts between quarks inside the atom. Now he works on string theory, hoping to understand how all the forces of nature could be united. He believes the next steps may involve throwing out all our ideas about both space and time. But he makes young theoretician Itzhak Fouxon, who shares these views, work hard to justify them.

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  • Smart drugs and sneaky microbes, with Peter Agre

    Young scientists like Maartje Bastings are set to revolutionise the way we deliver drugs. Her work will aid the development of ‘smart drugs’ which target specific proteins in the membranes of particular cells, proteins like the aquaporins discovered by Nobel Laureate Peter Agre. And knowing more about aquaporins might help Australian chemist David Jacques with his research.

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  • Lindau 2009 Nobel Reactions trailer

    Nature Video presents five short films on chemistry plus a special film feature on climate change.  At the 2009 Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau it was the turn of the chemists. Join Laureates and young researchers as they discuss the future of medicine, consider the ethics of nanotechnologies, plan new collaborations, and seek ways to avoid dangerous climate change.

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  • Climate change: The two-degree target – by Nature Video

    Climate change: The two-degree target – by Nature Video

    In December, policy makers will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark to thrash out a new global deal on climate change. The aim is to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures. We sent three young climate researchers along with Nature’s Olive Heffernan to find out just how much of a challenge this ambitious target will be. Join them as they seek advice from climate experts including the IPCC’s Rajendra Pachauri, challenge the sceptical views of political scientist Bjørn […]

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