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awards-small is Martin Freeth’s own company.

With over 40 years experience in media, Martin draws on his wealth of knowledge to provide three services:

  • Creative multimedia and TV project development and production – with special focus on science, technology and medicine.
  • Strategic consultancy in broadband content, online education, interactive learning software and science communication.
  • Lively lecturing, tutoring and mentoring.

Explore this site to view a selection of recent projects or get in touch to discuss new commissions.


Recent Films

  • The handedness of life – with Jack Szostak

    The handedness of life – with Jack Szostak

    Many molecules are chiral, which means they have two possible forms that are non-superimposable mirror images of each other, just like your left and right hand. But in the amino acids and sugars that make up living things, we find only one of these forms — and young chemist Abigail Hubbard wants to know why. She’s keen to pick Jack Szostak’s brain on the source of this ‘homochirality’, a subject close to Jack’s own research into the origin of life […]

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  • Sex and stigma – with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi

    Sex and stigma – with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi

    Françoise Barré-Sinoussi won her Nobel Prize for identifying HIV as the cause of AIDS. The virus is made more dangerous by the social stigmas that surround infection. Young physicist Markita Landry explores social and educational issues in HIV research with Françoise. The pair also share their experiences of life as women working in science.

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  • The Road to Mafélé

    The Road to Mafélé

    Before the current troubles in Mali, a unique charity called Jeunesse et Dévéloppment, supported by the Mali Development Group in the UK, was organising a range of community-scale development projects in the south of the country. This 30 minute film explores educational, medical and agricultural initiatives on a journey to remote Mafélé.

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  • Breaking the Cycle (Addaction)

    Breaking the Cycle (Addaction)

    We have made several films for Addaction featuring service users and presented by the Chief Executive Simon Antrobus.

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  • I could have danced

    I could have danced

    Emanuel Sammut, one of the UK’s leading osteopaths describes the stress and strain dancers put on their bodies and suggest ways to help.  Lilley Mitchell dances and presents!

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  • The Look of the Thing

    The Look of the Thing

    We don’t just do science. This is an extract from our film about a site-specific dance, music and poetry experience created by choreographer Hannah Bruce.

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  • Engraved on my heart: a new garden for Calais

    Engraved on my heart: a new garden for Calais

    Caroline Holmes is a garden-designer and garden historian.  She explains her exciting commission to create a completely new traditional garden all around the Church of Notres Dames de Calais.

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  • Making miniature machines – with Hamilton Smith

    Making miniature machines – with Hamilton Smith

    Noy Bassik draws inspiration from origami to engineer miniature tools that he envisages as the surgeons of the future. Hamilton Smith is also in the business of making things. Working with Craig Venter, he recently created a bacterial cell controlled by a synthetic genome. As Hamilton and Noy talk, they offer insight into the overlapping worlds of biology and engineering.

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  • Turning The Tables

    Turning The Tables

    The annual Nobel Laureate Meetings at Lindau feature many opportunities for young scientists to learn from some of the most successful scientists around today. Yet there are fewer chances for the laureates to find out about the challenges that young scientists face today, and what they feel is important. Nature Outlook organised a special event, called Turning the Tables, to redress this balance and in this film we bring you the highlights.

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  • The spirit of Lindau

    The spirit of Lindau

    The years following the Second World War were dark days for science in Germany. But in 1951, a light began to glimmer. Two physicians from the island of Lindau, supported by wealthy Swedish count Lennart Bernadotte, established a meeting of Nobel Laureates. At first they drew participants from Germany and its neighbouring countries. As the years went by the meeting grew to include young scientists, until it became the international gathering it is today. This film explores the story and […]

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