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awards-small is Martin Freeth’s own company.

With over 40 years experience in media, Martin draws on his wealth of knowledge to provide three services:

  • Creative multimedia and TV project development and production – with special focus on science, technology and medicine.
  • Strategic consultancy in broadband content, online education, interactive learning software and science communication.
  • Lively lecturing, tutoring and mentoring.

Explore this site to view a selection of recent projects or get in touch to discuss new commissions.


Recent Films

  • Gentacimin Calculator

    Gentacimin Calculator

    Gentamicin is an antibiotic that is widely used in hospitals, but calculating the correct dose to give to patients can cause problems for doctors. One junior doctor, Imran Qureshi, used his computer science background to create a simple to use gentamicin calculator.

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  • Shit Matters

    Shit Matters

    Community led total sanitation may not sound like the most cutting edge medical science, but the potential impact of this initiative is huge. Contact with faeces spreads human disease, and this technique helps villagers around the world understand how the practice of open defecation means that they’re, literally, in the shit.

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  • Twitter Epidemics

    Twitter Epidemics

    During the swine flu pandemic, google showed that it was able to track the spread using the searches that it’s users were making. In this video Dr Patty Kostkova shows her work using twitter – and how the data from that could be used to track future epidemics.

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  • UK Biobank

    UK Biobank

    When it comes to doing epidemiological studies, numbers matter. We find out about the UK’s biobank – a project to collect information and samples from 500,000 volunteers, which should help scientists look for links between lifestyle and health.

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  • JP Morgan Paris 2011

    JP Morgan Paris 2011

    Aubrey de Grey brings a provocative thesis to stimulate thought at the 2011 JP Morgan pensions meeting in Paris.     view the film here

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  • A meeting of minds: Trailer

    A meeting of minds: Trailer

    Every summer an extraordinary meeting between Nobel Laureates and young scientists takes place on Lindau Island in Germany. At 2010′s cross-disciplinary meeting, we followed five young students as they met their Nobel idols. You might think an elderly biologist and a young engineer have little in common, but these encounters threw up plenty of ideas across disciplines and across generations. This trailer offers a glimpse of the films that follow, including a special film celebrating the 60th anniversary of the […]

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  • Meeting the ‘systems’ sceptic – with Tim Hunt

    Meeting the ‘systems’ sceptic – with Tim Hunt

    Roland Pache is trying to understand complex biological interactions using computer algorithms to hunt for patterns in vast swathes of data. Undergraduate Sophia Hsing-Jung Li is excited by this new field of ‘systems biology’. In this film they meet Tim Hunt, whose prizewinning work on the cell cycle and current research on cancer centres on the behaviour of individual molecules. Will Tim share the students’ enthusiasm for systems biology?

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  • The handedness of life – with Jack Szostak

    The handedness of life – with Jack Szostak

    Many molecules are chiral, which means they have two possible forms that are non-superimposable mirror images of each other, just like your left and right hand. But in the amino acids and sugars that make up living things, we find only one of these forms — and young chemist Abigail Hubbard wants to know why. She’s keen to pick Jack Szostak’s brain on the source of this ‘homochirality’, a subject close to Jack’s own research into the origin of life […]

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  • Sex and stigma – with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi

    Sex and stigma – with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi

    Françoise Barré-Sinoussi won her Nobel Prize for identifying HIV as the cause of AIDS. The virus is made more dangerous by the social stigmas that surround infection. Young physicist Markita Landry explores social and educational issues in HIV research with Françoise. The pair also share their experiences of life as women working in science.

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  • Fit to Fly? (Medical Justice)

    Fit to Fly? (Medical Justice)

    This film supports the campaigning work of the charity Medical Justice. All too often asylum seekers and refugees are locked up without proper medical care or diagnosis.

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