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Welcome to

On the Edge short-listed


awards-small is Martin Freeth’s own company.

With over 40 years experience in media, Martin draws on his wealth of knowledge to provide three services:

  • Creative multimedia and TV project development and production – with special focus on science, technology and medicine.
  • Strategic consultancy in broadband content, online education, interactive learning software and science communication.
  • Lively lecturing, tutoring and mentoring.

Explore this site to view a selection of recent projects or get in touch to discuss new commissions.


Recent Films

  • Car wars  /  Krieg der autos

    Car wars / Krieg der autos

    May-Ann drives our old camper van, Grace, to a rally in the South of England.  She meets owners of old vans who love their rusty vehicles, but when they took them to Germany our police tried to crush them!  She tells the story of how German cars such as the Beetle have overtaken British car sales since the end of the Second World War.  Most insulting to the British was BMW’s take-over of the famous Mini. “The new BMW Mini […]

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  • The electric future  / Die zukunft der energie

    The electric future / Die zukunft der energie

    In this film Mary-Ann heads North to Newcastle where she meets students building electric racing cars, but they are given less than half of the budgets available to their German counterparts.  In the electric future our targets for switching to sustainable renewable energy are compared with British targets.  Young engineers take Mary-Ann to a wind turbine farm which supplies energy for 40,000 homes.  And she drives a British prototype electric sports car which gets to 100 km/h in less than […]

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  • Stereotypes & Propaganda  /  Klischees und Propaganda

    Stereotypes & Propaganda / Klischees und Propaganda

    Before 1914 our two countries were the best of friends. After all, the UK has a German Royal Family and Queen Victoria’s first language was German. But the family dropped their German name during the First War, and from then on the British Government hired 10,000 people to produce anti-German propaganda. In the Second War Joseph Goebbels was very jealous of their successes.   Mary-Ann takes a river boat to the Royal Museums in Greenwich to look at propaganda produced by […]

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  • On the Edge

    On the Edge

    A young man walks towards the edge of a cliff… Is he thinking of suicide? A young woman approaches him and it turns out she has a very personal connection with the place. Can she persuade him not to jump? ‘On The Edge’ explores key issues in the way the media covers depression and mental illness and asks what we can all do to help in the face of a suicide epidemic. Trailer: A trailer for a short drama about […]

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  • Focused Ultrasound Therapy

    Focused Ultrasound Therapy

    We are developing several short films exploring a revolutionary new medical technology, MRI guided focused ultrasound. This is set to transform healthcare throughout the world… and even save out health services noney. As a sample of this work, see ‘Heather’s Story’ a short film funded by the Insightec company about how ultrasound techniques can non-invasively cure problems such as ‘essential tremor’.

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  • Sensations


    We are planning a series about the fascinating world of the senses to be presented by neuroscientist, Sir Colin Blakemore. The series will bring together philosophers such as Barry Smith at the University of London, with artists, scientists, medics and even chefs. This is our promotional film, running at 18 minutes.

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  • The X-ray Time Machine

    The X-ray Time Machine

    This is a five-minute trail for our completed 26-minute film about the exciting frontiers in X-ray engineering needed to analyse the amazing 2000 year old Antikythera machine. The film has already been shown on German TV, but we are also looking to sell it alongside Tony Freeth’s award winning one-hour documentary ‘The 2000-year-old computer’.

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  • Born Between

    Born Between

    This is an 8 minute promotional film for a project being developed in partnershipo with Fernando Llorente. Truly intersex people (historically known as hermaphrodites) face real discrimination and prejudice. We look at the science behind this condition and ask why the incidence is increasing throughout the world. Funding needed!

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  • The Islamic dream world

    The Islamic dream world

    Along with Professor Iain Edgar at Durham University, we have developed ideas for a TV series under the main title ‘Islam? Think Again’. Individual films could look at Islamic arts and science, but one in particular – the subject of this 14 minute promotional film – will look at the extraordinary world of dreams in Islam. Dreams are seen as very significant by all the different branches of Islam. Never has it been more important to seek to understand the […]

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  • Lindau 2014

    Lindau 2014

    This year we branched out by recruiting Lorna Stewart, psychologist and medical journalist, to present four films about health related research: A Picture of Health.

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