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HEAD OF COMMUNICATIONS, MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY COMPANY: The film is really wonderful, informative and moving. Great movie, Martin.

CHIEF FUND-RAISER, MUSICAL CHARITY: The outcome has got a great story and conveys all the messages that we were looking for. Fantastic!

CHIEF EXECUTIVE, German TV company: ARD-alpha is very happy that the series “Best of Enemies” turned out so well. It has provided its viewers with a hilarious as well as an educational insight into the differences and similarities of the British and German culture. I want to thank you and your team for the thought and effort you have put into the project.

ITV EXECUTIVE commenting on awards entries: As a television journalist, I was incredibly impressed by the three entries from Nature. Each film showed a very high level of craftsmanship and I felt the camera operators and editors deserved particular praise. The films were a real joy to watch and a reminder the highest production standards aren’t always the preserve of the mainstream broadcasters.

Nature Commissioner: It’s all been very positive feedback, they’re dead happy. Well done sir, given the timescale, and the content, and their requirements for everyone involved to be in the film, I think it’s a remarkable cut.

Medical researchers in Amsterdam: We thoroughly enjoyed the film and have been overwhelmed by all the positive reactions. It really captured our study and creatively demonstrated what we had tried to achieve. It appealed to a far wider audience than we would have achieved without your work. And it was a pleasure making it: you listened to our input and concerns and really delivered a wonderful film.

BMJ Commissioner: ‘We’re all happy with content here. Thanks for turning a really nice film around so quickly’.

Trustee, Children’s Charity: Your film showing the work of our local children’s hospice at home charity is truly inspiring – it even moved our wonderful paediatric nurses to tears!  You struck exactly the right note in explaining the service and benefits we provide and I know that both the nurses and the families featured in the film enjoyed being involved in making it.  And best of all, it is proving to be a real boost to our fund-raising efforts!  Can’t thank you enough for all your hard work.

Senior scientist: ‘I just returned from vacation and saw your video. I am impressed by how you took the interviews which I thought were often too technical and hard to understand –and wove them into a coherent story. Great job!’

Chief Executives of two major companies whose partnership we celebrated in a rapidly produced movie -  CEO1: Wow, this
is a wonderful movie, thanks for this excellent production!  CEO2:
Wow. This is great! Thank you to everyone for putting this together so well and so quickly.

Contributor: ‘You did a wonderful job, especially considering the elements you had. Not even the skull! Warmest congratulations for this splendid work. I am really impressed!’

‘Nature’ publicity team: ‘Overall we are thrilled with the results so thank you all for your help in putting together what has turned out to be a very popular package!’ and ‘Look! Downloaded in total around 110,000 times, which I think is just excellent’.

American Physicist: ‘That is an excellent production. The science comes through loud and clear – outstanding editing, composition and all that. Amazing that you could deliver on such a tight schedule’.

Chief Exec, Lindau Nobel Foundation: ‘You have many a good reason to be proud of the films. We all acknowledge and appreciate the professionalism that you and your team have again contributed to this project’.

Nobel Laureate: ‘I believe the films are excellent, and you really did a wonderful job’.

Chief Executive, National Charity:‘Martin, this is so good and so powerful. You should be really pleased with this’.

A viewer: ‘What a joy to watch! I just enjoyed the lighting, the angles… I am no photographer, but was so thrilled with this quality that I had to compliment the persons responsible. Congratulations!’