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  • Averil’s garden

    Sadly Averil Freeth died in September 2019. This short film was made by Martin during lockdown to celebrate Averil’s garden

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  • The Centre for Vision in the Developing World

    The Centre for Vision in the Developing World

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  • What do the British really think of the Germans? / Was die Briten wirklich über die Deutschen denken

    Mary-Ann stops British people in the street and she asks “Where is Germany on this map of Europe?” Many have no idea, many more know even less about the location of Germany’s major cities.  But she also talks to singers, to the members of the Swindon-Salzgitter Twinning Association and to beer lovers who show much more respect for us Germans.  She meets classical musicians, and a club DJ, to see how our countries have collaborated and still collaborate in the […]

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  • Smelling the diagnosis

    Sniffer dogs are often seen in airports, but Cliff, the beagle from Amsterdam, is more at home in a hospital. Cliff has been trained to sniff out the bacteria clostridium difficile, which is highly infectious and can cause outbreaks of diarrhoea on the ward.  Scientists at the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam studied how effective Cliff was, and found that he can sniff out Clostridium difficile infections in stool samples and even in the air surrounding patients in hospital […]

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  • Fatal Alchemy

    Miracle beauty products may be a staple Christmas present today, but they’re not a recent invention. Diane de Poitiers, a French noble woman and mistress of Henry II of France, tried to use gold to preserve her looks – in alchemical law, gold was immutable, and alchemists and apothecaries created various potions to pass this gift onto their customers. For Christmas, the BMJ has made a film about a French research team’s investigations of Diane’s remains, and its discovery that […]

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  • Sticky tape X-rays

    New research provides evidence for an observation first described over 50 years ago – that peeling sticky tape emits x-rays. Hear the authors discuss their work and see the phenomenon in action.

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  • Maisie & George, and the future of their planet (trailer)

    The NHS is one of Britain’s largest contributors to our carbon footprint. This film is about the impact of climate change on babies born today, and how the NHS can reduce its carbon footprint.

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  • The quantum lattice, with Bill Phillips

    Awarded a Nobel Prize for using lasers to control and cool atoms, producing the Bose-Einstein condensation, Bill Phillips is eager to hear about new theories from young scientists like Hannah Venzl. An exciting dialogue develops between them on a boat trip on Lake Constance as they dream up new collaborative experiments in the quantum world.

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  • Beethoven’s deafness and his three styles

    That Beethoven suffered from deafness is well known, but how did the progression of the condition affect his composition? In this video the Isolo string quartet demonstrate how his style changed over time. Read about the science behind the video in the paper, Beethoven’s deafness and his three styles,

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    Alice Stewart was one of Britain’s foremost epidemiologists. However her recognition came late in her career, having spent her life fighting the establishment’s enshrined views. In the 1950s when she started her work, x-rays were routinely used in foetal monitoring. It was Stewart who first showed the link between the practice and childhood leukemia. She went on to look at the effects of low-level radiation exposure – uncovering the true adverse effects of chronic exposure, and thus earning herself the […]

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  • The Living Map of La Bastide

    The Living Map of La Bastide

    To experience a French village in an entirely new way, go to :

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  • With a little help from our friends

    This film celebrates the work of the Pepper Foundation which supports children with terminal illness, and also supports their families.  This is the long version of the film (19 minutes).

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