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Windfall Digital




Martin was managing director of Windfall Digital from 2005 until 2007. The company has now merged with Windfall Films, but this archived site shows how it looked at the time. It presents a wide range of work done by the company in the creation of DVD’s website media and interactive exhibitions. You can see the (flash-based)company site from 2007 here.







Martin was the founder and first Chief Executive of NESTA Futurelab, a learning software research centre in Bristol, now called Futurelab:







Martin was Director of ‘Science World’ in Bristol during its development and this clip reveals his ambitions for interactive science exhibitions at the time. The resulting exhibition is now called ‘Explore-At-Bristol’




BBC Multimedia Centre




An echo from the ancient history of multimedia. Bach at the bbc. Martin was a new media pioneer at the BBC, and headed up the BBC Multimedia Centre where this experimental product was produced in 1994





Clips from Martin’s films and series made over many years for BBC Science will shortly be available on this site



Burke Special Programmes



Martin was the last series Producer of the Burke Special programmes in the mid-70s. So please don’t just think of him only as an ever so serious producer of documentaries and multimedia!


H. Andrew Freeth



Martin’s father, H. Andrew Freeth was one of the leading portrait artists of his generation. Some of his best work was as a war artist, and as a mining artist. This clip shows him in the early 1950’s going down a mine in Wales and then doing a portrait drawing of a miner