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Medical and Educational Films have made a wide range of special interest medical and educational films for the British Medical Journal. Here is a selection of some of our more recent projects


  • What do you drink with Swiss cheese fondue…German version

    What do you drink with Swiss cheese fondue…German version

    Es gibt widersprüchliche Aussagen bezüglich der Vor- und Nachteile, Alkohol zu Mahlzeiten zu trinken – insbesondere Mahlzeiten die sehr fettreich und energiehaltig sind, wie zum Beispiel Schweizer Käsefondue. Ein Team des Zürcher Universitätsspitals führte eine Studie durch, bei der 20 Teilnehmer entweder Weißwein oder schwarzen Tee zu dieser Schweizer Spezialität zu sich nahmen, gefolgt von Kirschwasser oder Wasser zur Verdauung. In diesem neunminütigen Video – von dem es auch eine englischsprachige Fassung gibt – stellen die Wissenschaftler ihre randomisierte Crossover-Studie […]

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  • The Hot Tea Factor

    The Hot Tea Factor

    The BMJ has publishes a paper which studies the link between drinking very hot tea and throat cancer.  In this film, Reza Malekzadeh, and other authors of this population based case-control study, talk about the effect of tea drinking on oesophageal cancer in the Golestan province, northern Iran.

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  • Virtual Reality Training

    Virtual Reality Training

    Skills in laparoscopic surgery can be improved by using proficiency based virtual reality simulator training. The performance level of novices was increased to that of intermediately experienced laparoscopists and operation time was halved in this randomised controlled trial.

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  • HIV Shoots up

    HIV Shoots up

    Strict laws on the criminalisation of drug use and drug users are fuelling the spread of HIV and other serious harms associated with the criminal market and should be reviewed, say experts. In this video, epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani and other leading commentators describe which countries are leading the way in tackling HIV infection among injecting drug users.

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  • Migraine: the pressure and the pain

    Migraine: the pressure and the pain

    We present some of the latest research into the causes of this debilitating condition.  We highlight the current best practice for drug therapy, and discuss whether complementary therapies can also play a role in treatment.

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  • The hunt for mystery genes

    The hunt for mystery genes

    The Undiagnosed Diseases Program of the NIH has some genomic analysis tests that are not yet available at hospitals in the US.  In this 15 minute film, head of programme Bill Gahl explains more about the work of the Program and presents some of the cases currently being investigated.

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  • Sleep well

    Sleep well

    Sleep apnoea is a condition that causes a patient to stop breathing for short periods during their sleep. In this video researchers Joaquín Durán-Cantolla and Jose María Montserrat discuss their work into the use of CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) to treat the condition.

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  • Asking for More: Oliver Twist Revisited

    Asking for More: Oliver Twist Revisited

    The New Poor Law angered Charles Dickens and probably influenced his description of Oliver Twist’s workhouse gruel. But historical evidence does not back up some of the claims made in his 1838 novel. So did Oliver really need more? And what do today’s children think of his diet?

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  • What to drink with a Swiss cheese fondue?

    What to drink with a Swiss cheese fondue?

    There are conflicting claims about the pros and cons of drinking alcoholic beverages with food, especially high fat and high energy meals such as cheese fondue. A team from the University Hospital of Zurich studied 20 people who drank either wine or black tea with this famous Swiss dish, followed by kirsch schnapps or water as a digestive. Find out more about their randomised controlled crossover trial in this nine minute video, which is also available in German.

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  • The harms of overtreatment

    The harms of overtreatment

    Overly aggressive treatment is estimated to cause 30 000 deaths among Medicare recipients alone each year. Overall, unnecessary interventions are estimated to account for 10-30% of spending on healthcare in the US, or $250bn-800bn (£154bn-490bn; €190bn-610bn) annually.  This video features Shannon Brownlee, acting director of the New America Health Policy Program and author of Overtreated: How Too Much Medicine is Making Us Sicker and Poorer, David Himmelstein, professor at the City University of New York School of Public Health, and Vikas […]

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