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Medical and Educational Films have made a wide range of special interest medical and educational films for the British Medical Journal. Here is a selection of some of our more recent projects


  • Find and treat

    Find and treat

    TB is on the increase in London, and is especially prevalent in the homeless population, where other underlying conditions, and the use of alcohol and drugs, can mask symptoms. In this film we look at the work of the Find and Treat mobile unit – a dedicated team which scours the streets for cases of TB in the homeless. This also links to an economic analysis, published in the BMJ, which finds this is a very cost effective way of […]

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  • Beethoven’s deafness and his three styles

    Beethoven’s deafness and his three styles

    That Beethoven suffered from deafness is well known, but how did the progression of the condition affect his composition? In this video the Isolo string quartet demonstrate how his style changed over time. Read about the science behind the video in the paper, Beethoven’s deafness and his three styles,

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  • The giant’s cause

    The giant’s cause

    Charles Byrne’s acromegaly meant that after his death in 1783 his cadaver was snatched by the surgeon John Hunter. His skeleton is now displayed in the Hunterian Museum: should it be buried at sea, as per “the Irish giant’s” wishes, or do the benefits it provides to medical research win the moral argument?

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  • Breathless


    Asthma doesn’t preclude success, as gold medal winning runner Liz McColgan explains in this video. We also look at why this condition is so common in Olympic teams and how it is diagnosed and treated in athletes.

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  • The Evidence: a series of films about the BMJ’s archive

    The Evidence: a series of films about the BMJ’s archive

    Colin Blakemore presents the BMJ’s new video series, told in eight parts. These stories delve into the BMJ’s 169 year old archive to unearth some of the leading thinkers of their time, and show the contribution they have made to modern medicine. In this first video, Colin introduces the series and shows a sneak preview of what will follow in the coming weeks. Stories will include the birth of anaesthetic, the discovery of the anopheles mosquito as the vector for […]

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  • Medical Innovations

    Medical Innovations

    New inventions and discoveries continuously change the face of healthcare across the globe. Smallpox vaccination, penicillin, in vitro fertilisation, magnetic resonance imaging – the list is long. But what’s next? Do it yourself spectacles, build your own toilets, social media, a biobank of health data?

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