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Recently we have been lucky enough to make several films for the charitable and voluntary sector… and arts is becoming a new arena for us too.

  • The Road to Mafélé

    The Road to Mafélé

    Before the current troubles in Mali, a unique charity called Jeunesse et Dévéloppment, supported by the Mali Development Group in the UK, was organising a range of community-scale development projects in the south of the country. This 30 minute film explores educational, medical and agricultural initiatives on a journey to remote Mafélé.

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  • Breaking the Cycle (Addaction)

    Breaking the Cycle (Addaction)

    We have made several films for Addaction featuring service users and presented by the Chief Executive Simon Antrobus.

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  • I could have danced

    I could have danced

    Emanuel Sammut, one of the UK’s leading osteopaths describes the stress and strain dancers put on their bodies and suggest ways to help.  Lilley Mitchell dances and presents!

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  • The Look of the Thing

    The Look of the Thing

    We don’t just do science. This is an extract from our film about a site-specific dance, music and poetry experience created by choreographer Hannah Bruce.

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  • Engraved on my heart: a new garden for Calais

    Engraved on my heart: a new garden for Calais

    Caroline Holmes is a garden-designer and garden historian.  She explains her exciting commission to create a completely new traditional garden all around the Church of Notres Dames de Calais.

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