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Recently we have been lucky enough to make several films for the charitable and voluntary sector… and arts is becoming a new arena for us too.

  • Therapy Ultrasound

    Therapy Ultrasound

    Working with the British research project ‘ThUNDDAR’ and with the Israeli medical technology company Insightec, has been making films about an astonishing new technology for health care, therapy ultrasound.  This form of non-invasive treatment is revolutionising many forms of surgery and is being tailored to help deliver cancer drugs direct to tumours. It has applications in treating prostate cancer, uterine fibroids, brain-based conditions such as essential tremor, and much more.  Eventually it may also help Alzheimer’s sufferers.

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  • Why me?

    Why me?

    ‘Why me?’ (‘Waarom ik?’) was made for the Leiden University Medical Center.  The film, produced in both English and Dutch, brings the subject of epidemiology to life, and reveals how important the work of the Leiden medical detectives is in all our lives.

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  • High Quality Science, done in a caring way

    High Quality Science, done in a caring way

    The Mars Corporation produces pet food as well as chocolate. This is an insight into their pet research centre near Waltham.

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  • X-Ray Time Machine

    X-Ray Time Machine

    This half hour film is a detective story, following a group of innovative British engineers based in Tring as they travel to Greence to crack open the secrets of the ancient and now famous Antikythera Mechanism. Produced in partnership with Tony Freeth and Images First. 5 MINUTE TRAILER ONLY. MAIN FILM AVAILABLE ON REQUEST  

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  • A Clear Vision

    A Clear Vision

    The Centre for Vision in the Developing World, led by Josh Silver, are developing new and more fashionable ‘adaptive eyewear’ for young people in the developing world. Millions of short-sighted kids who cannot afford Western-style glasses will be able to benefit from educationfor only a few dollars, when otherwise they would be excluded. FILM IN PRODUCTION

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  • Born Between

    Born Between

    ‘Hermaphrodites’, now known as intersex people, have always existed. In most countries, even where gay and transgender people have been accepted, they face much prejudice. This is a 20 minute promo/pilot for a major global documentary on the subject, focussing on the science, natural historyt and mythology behind this subject. The idea came from American film makere, Fernando Llorente.  

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  • Films about the InChI

    Films about the InChI

    We enlisted Nick Currey’s graphic genius to turn a potentially dull (though very important for science) subject into a delight. You never realised you might actually want to watch four short films about the ‘international chemical identifier’!

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  • Digital Science’s Touchless Interface

    Digital Science develops a range of cool new systems for working scientists.  This interface designed to help keep track of experiments makes the world of ‘Minority Report’ become a reality.

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