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This is where you will find most of the films we have made during the last six years.

  • Science… out there

    Science… out there

    We have made a wide range of films about science and technology including a film about a pet research centre, ‘The X-Ray Time Machine’, a promo for a series about Intersex, and films about the crazy InChI (the International Chemical Identifier, no less).

  • Charity, Arts and various

    Charity, Arts and various

    Recently we have been lucky enough to make several films for the charitable and voluntary sector… and arts is becoming a new arena for us too.

  • A recent project for television has been….The Best of Enemies / Liebste Feinde

    A recent project for television has been….The Best of Enemies / Liebste Feinde

    In creating a new series, ‘The Best of Enemies’, ARD-alpha took a real risk. We asked British anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota, to travel around Great Britain to find out what British people really think about us Germans, no holds barred! She set off in a beautiful 1966 split-screen VW Camper called ‘Grace’ to explore the towns and country of the UK.

  • New work in development

    New work in development

    This section includes finished work which is not yet released and promotional films and trailers for series ideas seeking funding.

  • The Lindau Nobel Series

    The Lindau Nobel Series

    Nature Commissioner: Since 2008 we have made several films each year for Nature at the Lindau Nobel meetings, featuring lively discussions between young scientists and Nobel Laureates.

  • Nature


      We present some of the most important papers published in the worlds leading science journal, by creating an entertaining online video about the subject

  • BMJ


    To date we have made some thirty short films for the British Medical Journal’s main web site, including a special series presented by Professor Colin Blakemore on the history of discoveries reported in the BMJ over more than 120 years, a series about innovations in health care, and many individual films related to new findings reported in the journal.

  • Business


    We make films for business. Some of these can be viewed by clicking on the image to the left.  Recently we have made a film for Zurich Insurance about stress in the workplace, featuring Sir Cary Cooper seen in the image below.  This film can be viewed privately on request.

  • Conferences


    From time to time we are asked to help organisations market their conferences in a whole variety of ways.  Here are some examples.

  • Local Media

    Local Media

    MFreeth.Com has been creating films for the new hyper-local media site, Chiswickbuzz.  Here are some samples of our recent work.